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Collectors love us! We offer a rotating collection of older signals, signs, parts, and controllers that are unique. These are the ones that you don’t find on the streets in most locations today. Many of our items were made before federal government standards, so we can’t put them out on the streets, but we can offer them to collectors. We’ve been sourcing items of this kind for over 20 years. Our eBay store is always stocked with our latest finds. And you can contact us with specific requests.

Municipal Services – We love working with municipalities and contractors repairing or recycling traffic signals. We can help restore signals to proper working order at a fraction of the costs of buying new – rebuilding, repainting and restoring your town’s older signal equipment, saving taxpayer dollars.

Reclamation services – What do you do with the old signs and signals? We will come to your town and remove unwanted, older signals that have been removed either from upgrades or damage. Our crews can help organize used signal inventory and can remove unwanted items.

Whatever your traffic control needs are, we’d love to hear from you. We’re more than happy to offer suggestions and answer any questions that you might have regarding any of our items or our services. Whether you need a single hanger, many signals, or help with the existing signals in your town, we are here to help.

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